Plastic Coil

Dual Loop (Wire-0) Binding

A very popular binding method for presentation pieces such as Calendars, Annual Reports, Corporate Presentations, and styrene / vinyl Pricing Signs.

WIRE-0 binding offers many options, including:

  • WIRE-0 with thumb cut and hanger hook
  • Fully concealed WIRE-0 which looks like any other book on your book shelf.
  • Semi-concealed WIRE-0 where WIRE-0 only shows slightly at back near spine.
  • Split WIRE-0 segments at Bind Edge
  • Multi panel pieces such as 3 or 4 panel calendars showing 3 months at a glance.
  • Various colours: White, Black and Pewter (Matte Silver), Blue, Red, Green, Bronze, Cream

Available with calendar hanger or wrap around cover.

Minimum Bulk
Maximum Bulk
Minimum Length*
(Bind Edge)
Minimum Width
(Non-Bind Edge)
2" or 1"

Maximum Length
(Bind Edge)
Maximum Width
(Non-Bind Edge)


*if layout permits